The ADE7757 is a high accuracy electrical power measurement IC. It is a pin reduction version of AD7755 with an enhancement of a precise oscillator circuit that serves as a clock source to the chip. The ADE7757 eliminates the cost of an external crystal or resonator, thus reducing the overall cost of a meter built wit this IC. The ADE7757 incorporates two second-order sigma delta ADCs, reference circuitry and all the signal processing required to perform active power and energy measurement.

This documentation describes the ADE7757 Evaluation Kit Hardware functionality. The ADE7757 evaluation board, together with the ADE7757 data sheet and this documentation provides a complete evaluation platform for the ADE7757. The evaluation board has been designed so that the ADE7757 can be evaluated in the end application, i.e., Watt-Hour Meter. Using the appropriate shunt resistors on the current channel, the evaluation board can be connected to a test bench or high voltage (220 V rms) test circuit. An on-board resistor divider network provides the attenuation for the line voltage. The evaluation board requires two external 5 V power supplies (one is required for isolation purposes) and the appropriate current transducer.


Technical notes are available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).
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