5 V, 14-BIT 400 KSPS ADC


This Application Note describes the evaluation board for the AD7899 A/D converter. The AD7899 is a fast, low-power, 14-bit ADC which operates from a single 5 V supply. The part incorporates a 2.2µS successive approximation ADC, an on chip track/hold amplifier, a 2.5 V reference, on-chip clock oscillator, signal conditioning circuitry and a high speed parallel interface. Full data on the AD7899 is available in the AD7899 data sheet available from Analog Devices and should be consulted in conjunction with this Application Note when using the Evaluation Board.

On-board components include an AD780, which can be configured as a +2.5 V or +3.0 V ultra high precision bandgap preference, an AD845, two 74HC541 buffer/line drivers and a 74HC04 inverter. There are various link options which are explained in detail on page 2.

Interfacing to this board is through a 96-way connector. This 96-way connector is compatible with the Evaluation Board Controller which is also available from Analog Devices.

External sockets are provided for the CONVST input, CLKIN input, BUSY output, VREF input, VDRIVE input and the VIN input.


  • Full-Featured Evaluation Board for the AD7899
  • Evaluation Board Controller Compatible
  • Stand Alone Capability
  • On-Board Analog Buffering and Reference
  • Various Linking Options
  • PC Software for Control and Data Analysis when used with Evaluation Board Controller


Technical notes are available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).
To download the Technical Note, select the link below:


Included in the EVAL-AD7899CB evaluation board package is software for controlling and evaluating the performance of the AD7899 when it is operated with the EVALUATION BOARD CONTROLLER. The EVAL-AD7899CB Demonstration/Evaluation Software runs under Windows 95, 98, NT4 and 2000. The user interface on the PC is via a dedicated program written especially for the EVAL-AD7899.
To download the software, select the link below:

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