The AD7863 is a high speed, low power, dual 14-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) that operates from a single +5 V supply. The part contains two 5.2 µs successive approximation ADCs, two track/hold amplifiers, an internal +2.5 V reference and a high speed parallel interface. There are 4 analog inputs which are grouped into two channels (A and B) selected by the A0 input. Each channel has two inputs (VA1 and VA2 or VB1 and VB2) that can be sampled and converted simultaneously, thus preserving the relative phase information of the signals on both analog inputs. The part accepts an analog input range of ±10 V (AD7863-10), ±2.5 V (AD7863-3) and 0 - 2.5 V (AD7863-2). Overvoltage protection on the analog inputs for the part allows the input voltage to go to ±17 V, ±7 V or +7 V respectively without causing damage.

The evaluation board is compatible with the EVALUATION BOARD CONTROLLER.


  • Full-Featured Evaluation Board for the AD7863
  • On-Board Reference and Digital Buffers
  • Various Linking options
  • Evaluation Board Controller Compatibility


Technical notes are available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).
To download the Technical Note, select the link below:


Included in the EVAL-AD7863CB evaluation board package is software for controlling and evaluating the performance of the AD7863 when it is operated with the EVALUATION BOARD CONTROLLER. The EVAL-AD7863CB Demonstration/Evaluation Software runs under Windows 95, 98, 2000 & NT. The user interface on the PC is via a dedicated program written especially for the AD7863.

To download the software, select the link below:

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