This converter utilizes sigma delta techniques to offer 16-bit accuracy (0.0015% FSR) and no missing codes to 24-bits. It contains a two-channel programmable gain front end, a programmable low-pass digital filter and a bidirectional serial interface. Both analog inputs and the reference input are differential and the part can accept inputs as low as 20 mV full-scale. It features a self-calibration mode, which removes internal offset and gain errors, a system calibration mode, which removes external circuit offset and gain errors, and a background calibration mode which automatically removes internal offset and gain errors. In addition, its flexible serial interface allows the AD7710 to connect directly to Digital Signal Processors (ADSP-2101, TMS320C25, etc.) and Microcontrollers (8XC51, 68HC11, etc.). Full data on the AD7710 is available in the AD7710 data sheet available from Analog Devices and should be consulted in conjunction with this Technical Note when using the Evaluation Board.


Technical notes are available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF).
To download the Technical Note, select the link below:


This software allows the user to exercise all the functions of the AD7710, AD7711, and the AD7712. The software also reads back data from the parts and will do various data analysis on the data read including plotting the data, and calculating the rms noise.

The software is a DOS executable file called AD771XV5.EXE. This software was created by (and is thus copyright of) Sean O'Leary (ADBV Applications group) and James Coleman (Formerly of University of Limerick). The software is menu driven and is very much self-explanatory.

To download the software, select the link below:

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