The PulSAR evaluation tools are suited for testing and evaluating ADI's line of high resolution successive approximation register (SAR), charge redistribution, analog to digital converters ranging from 14-bits to 18-bits. The evaluation tools usually consist of the device specific evaluation board (i.e. EVAL-AD7621CBZ), a capture board (EVAL-CED1Z) and a PC where an executable version of software is run. These tools can be used to measure the converters DC and AC performances in both time and frequency domains. The PulSAR Evaluation kit is ideal for:

  • Quick evaluation of the PulSAR ADC with the evaluation software
  • Bread boarding for final hardware configuration
  • Use the board in standalone to debug final system
  • Developing a specific software application using Labview

Follow the links below for technical documentation and downloadable executable versions of the software.

New! Evaluation Board/USB Converter Evaluation and Development Capture Board (CED)
Currently, the CED can only support EVAL-AD762xCBZ and EVAL-AD764xCBZ

Evaluation Board/USB Converter Evaluation and Development Capture Board (CED)

Legacy – Evaluation Board/Parallel Evaluation Control Board (ECB)
Supports all PulSAR evaluation boards (EVAL-AD761x/2x/3x/4x/5x/6x/7x/8x/9x/794x/795x/798xCBZ)

Legacy – Evaluation Board/Parallel Evaluation Control Board (ECB)


Technical documents are available in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). To download, select the links below:

Evaluation Board User Guides
For AD761x / AD762x / AD763x / AD764x / AD765x / AD766x / AD767xCBZ Evaluation Tools:

EVAL-AD76XXCBZ (48-lead PulSAR ADCs), Rev. PrA (pdf, 3,370,229 bytes)

For AD768x / AD769x / AD794x / AD798x Evaluation Tools:

EVAL-AD768XCBZ (8/10lead PulSAR ADCs), Rev PrG (pdf, 1,940,712 bytes)

For AD7689 Evaluation Tools:

EVAL-AD76MUXCBZ (Multiplexed PulSAR ADC's), Rev PrB (pdf, 2,754,805 bytes)

The evaluation board software requires the use of one of the following capture boards. The capture boards are capable of collecting 4M X 16- words (CED) and 256K x 16 words (ECB, BRD3Z). Note that for 18-bit converters, this memory is halved.

Documentation for using the Capture Boards:

For the Converter Evaluation and Development Board (EVAL-CED1Z):

CED1Z (Converter Evaluation and Development Board) (pdf, 1,506,334 bytes)

For the Evaluation Controller Board, ECB (EVAL-CONTROL BRD3Z):


To download a zipped version of the evaluation software, select a link below:

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