SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES - CN0153: 利用精密模拟微控制器ADuC7122和外部热敏电阻构建基于USB的温度监控器

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  • ADI Linear Regulator Design Tool and Parametric Search
    Microsoft Excel download tool from ADIsimPower to generate a power supply design complete with a schematic, bill of materials, and performance specifications.
  • ADIsimPower™ 稳压器设计工具
  • Download files for ADIsimPower™ Voltage Regulator Design Tool
    The individual Excel-based voltage regulator design tools used in ADIsimPower™.
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  • Converters for Motor Control  (pdf, 929 kB)
    Higher performance, greater accuracy and speed, and ultralow power consumption highlight Analog Devices’ portfolio of data converters for motor control. Each delivers optimum quality signals to/from the real world and processes the data with less development time, fewer parts, and lower costs.
  • ICs for Programmable Logic Control and Distributed Control Systems  (pdf, 976 kB)
    Analog Devices leadership in industrial IC technology, with the development of the iCMOS™ and iPolar™ processes, has uniquely defined high voltage and low voltage integration to deliver smaller, higher performance, and more cost effective ICs for industrial systems.
  • Medical Applications
  • Optical and High Speed Networking  (pdf, 2236 kB)
    Analog Devices’ optical and high speed networking ICs solve a depth and breadth of challenges faced by today’s designers of datacom and telecom systems, optical modules, and subsystems. Analog Devices products address a wide range of networking applications from O/E/O conversion, clock recovery, and backplane transmission to monitoring and control of optical power, power management, and clock generation and distribution.
  • Precision Analog Microcontrollers ARM7® and 8051 Series  (pdf)
    ADI's two families of precision analog Flash microcontrollers address the growing need for integration, design ease, programmability, and precision analog performance demanded by industrial, instrumentation, communications, and automotive applications.
  • Precision Analog Microcontrollers—ARM7® and 8051 Series  (pdf, 5834 kB)
  • SFP芯片组和参考设计简化4.25 GBPS收发器
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  • Introduction to ADIsimPower
    ADIsimPower is a smart selector and a collection of downloadable tools that produce complete and optimized power designs. Schematic, bill of materials, and performance data are customized to your specific needs in minutes.
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  • 应用模拟微控制器简化数据采集系统设计
    ADI公司的MicroConverter®系列精密模拟微控制器融合了多种精密模拟功能,例如:高分辨率模数转换器(ADC)和数模转换器(DAC)、基准电压源和温度传感器以及符合工业标准的微控制器(MCU)和内置闪存。其中ADuC7000系列产品具有ARM7®32 bit精简指令集计算机(RISC)MCU内核,ADuC800系列产品具有符合工业标准的8052 MCU内核。 本次研讨会主要介绍ADI公司最新精密模拟微控制器,它包括一个ARM7®32 bit RISC MCU内核,我们将讨论这一系列产品的功能、特性以及在多种数据集系统中应用的使用技巧。还将介绍模拟微控制器的开发工具,包括通过UART和JTAG接口实现非侵入式在线下载以及使用JTAG端口实现非侵入仿真。
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