SUPPLEMENTAL RESOURCES - CN0051: 在交流耦合基带应用中驱动AD9233/AD9246/AD9254 ADC

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  • CN-0002  (pdf, 374 kB)
    使用AD8376 VGA驱动高IF交流耦合应用中的宽带宽ADC
  • CN-0051  (pdf, 111 kB)
    在交流耦合基带应用中驱动AD9233/AD9246/AD9254 ADC
技术文章 (4)
  • Designing 1-ppm DAC Accuracy into Instrumentation Applications
    Understand the challenges of achieving this level of converter performance
    (Planet Analog, 3/2010)
    • Part 1
      This article looks at a 1-ppm DAC and associated support circuitry, error sources, and performance measures.
    • Part 2
      This article discusses 1-ppm circuit complexities including noise, temperature drift, thermoelectric voltages, physical stress, long-term stability, circuit construction and layout, and voltage references.
  • Improve The Design Of Your Passive Wideband ADC Front-End Network
    As converter technology improves, so does the demand to resolve very high intermediate frequencies (IFs) accurately at high speeds. This poses two challenges: the converter design itself and the front-end design that couples the signal content to the converter. Even if the converter itself is excellent, the front end must be able to preserve the signal quality too.
    (Electronic Design, 3/26/2010)
  • Matching An ADC To A Transformer
    by Rob Reeder, Analog Devices, Inc.
    (Microwaves & RF, 7/2007)
  • MS-2210:高速ADC的电源设计  (pdf, 327 kB)
ADIsim Design/Simulation Tools (3)
  • ADI DiffAmpCalc™
    ADI's new ADI DiffAmpCalc™ is a free, downloadable calculator for designing differential amplifier circuits. The tool is easy to use and features an interactive user interface to quickly get you up and running.
  • ADIsimPower™ 稳压器设计工具
  • 高速ADC评估板软件及行为模型
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  • RF 手册  (pdf, 988 kB)
    RF IC 选型指南(12/2010)
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