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128-Channel Current-to-Digital Converter Outperforms All Open Market CT Scanner ICs While Reducing System Cost

Healthcare facilities are faced with a growing need for high quality, faster operating, affordable CT (computed tomography) equipment. These needs are driven by cost controls on reimbursements, so each CT system must image more patients per hour to reach acceptable ROI. To realize this goal, equipment manufacturers need machines that provide higher CT slice counts to increase image resolution, tissue volume, and speed. As a result, CTs have progressed from 4 to 16 to 64, up to 320 slices.


The ADAS1128 is a 24-bit current-to-digital converter that changes photodiode array signals into digital signals. It replaces previous converter-based technology that has lower levels of channel integration. The ADAS1128 offers 128 simultaneously sampled data converter channels, selectable sample rates up to 20 kSPS, and an on-chip temperature sensor and reference buffer, all in a 10 mm × 10 mm ball grid array package. This level of performance and integration means dramatic savings in cost, size, and power at the system level. The ADAS1128 consumes less than half the power of other solutions (4.5 mW/ channel vs. 10 mW/channel). The device also offers superior overall performance specs, such as no charge loss, more choices of full scale ranges, and ultralow noise (down to 0.4 fC for low dose X-ray systems).


Complementary Components:

  • ADR440: XFET® voltage reference. Pricing: $2.53.
  • ADP1708: linear regulator. Pricing: $1.09.

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