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Industry's First Single Package USB Isolation Solution

USB-compatible healthcare devices make it simple and efficient for healthcare professionals to collect and share vital patient data at any time and between locations. However, traditional isolation schemes including RS-232 and Ethernet connections can be expensive and time consuming to develop and implement.

The iCoupler® ADuM4160 is the industry's first single package USB isolator, providing design engineers with a groundbreaking alternative to expensive and time-consuming USB isolation designs, including RS-232 or Ethernet connections. Based on Analog Devices' iCoupler technology, which combines high speed CMOS and chip scale microtransformer technology, the ADuM4160 can be implemented easily in low and full speed USB 2.0 compliant systems, replacing bulky and expensive board level solutions. All USB signaling and isolation are contained on one small (16-lead SOIC package) IC, allowing the ADuM4160 to directly isolate the D+ and D– differential and bidirectional USB signals.

The ADuM4160 includes an internal regulator to allow for operation at either 5 V (VBUS) or 3.3 V. The device also allows peripheral control of connection timing across the isolation barrier without the need for additional components. The product's low idle current (2 mA max) eliminates the need for a suspend state. The ADuM4160 makes it possible for design engineers to cut implementation costs by up to 25%, reduce the size of designs by as much as 50%, and trim development time from months to weeks.


ADuM4160 Features

  • Reinforced isolation for medical applications per IEC 60601-1
  • 5 kV rms isolation rating (1 minute) per UL 1577
  • Class 3 contact ESD performance per ANSI/ESD STM5.1-2007
  • High common-mode transient immunity (>25 kV/µs)
  • Direct isolation of USB D+/D– data lines supporting USB low speed and full speed data rates
  • Surface-mount, 16-lead wide-body SOIC


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