Industrial and Instrumentation ICs

Digipots Enable New Levels of Precision Calibration in Industrial Systems

The ±20% resistor accuracy specifications of all currently available digipots either limit their use in open-loop applications or add a requirement for the use of calibration techniques.

Ideal for analog engineers who need the capability to precisely adjust signals over a wide voltage range, ADI's new family of 8-bit/10-bit programmable digital potentiometers is designed for open-loop applications and systems that demand precision calibration and tolerance matching. Featuring less than 1% end-to-end resistor tolerance error over a wide ±15 V supply range and delivering resistor tolerance performance 20× better than competing digital potentiometers allows designers to improve system control.

The parts support dual power supplies in the ±10.5 V to ±15 V range and single-supply operation in the 21 V to 30 V range. The 1024-tap AD5292 and pin-compatible, 256-tap AD5291 feature a 20× programmable wiper memory.

The wiper setting of these two devices is controlled through an SPI-compatible port. Triggered by a simple software command, the devices need no external power supply to program—saving cost and PCB area.


Number of
Values (kΩ)
Tolerance (%)
Range (°C)
AD5292 1024 MTP 20, 50, 100 ±1 –40 to +105 14-lead TSSOP
AD5293 1024 Volatile 20, 50, 100 ±1 –40 to +105 14-lead TSSOP
AD5291 256 MTP 20, 50, 100 ±1 –40 to +105 14-lead TSSOP
AD5290 256 Volatile 10, 50, 100 ±30 –40 to +105 10-lead MSOP
AD7376 128 Volatile 10, 50, 100 ±30 –40 to +105 14-lead TSSOP,
16-lead W_SOIC

iCoupler Digital Isolation Products Deliver 500 mW Isolated Power

The iCoupler® family of digital isolators is ideally suited for industrial controls and fits seamlessly into the signal chain with other ADI products. Whether used in I/O modules or communication interfaces, these products can replace optocouplers and improve performance in less area and at lower cost. iCoupler isolators support data rates greater than 90 Mbps with propagation delays as low as 18 ns and are suitable for industrial field buses such as CAN and ProfiBus. With up to four channels in a single package, the small size of iCoupler isolators enables compact I/O module design. The ADuM540x is the second generation of products utilizing isoPower® integrated, isolated dc-to-dc converters further reducing system size and cost by providing both isolated data and isolated power in a single package. iCoupler products come with UL, CSA, and VDE approvals. Available with isolation ratings up to 5 kV rms, the ADI portfolio of up to 100 digital isolation solutions meets industrial control needs.


isoPower Features

  • 2 or 4 channels of digital isolation
  • Multidirectional channel configurations
  • Integrated, isolated power up to 500 mW
  • High data rate: dc to over 90 Mbps
  • Low propagation delay: <18 ns
  • Low power operation down to 0.7 mA/channel
  • High temperature operation up to 105°C
  • Level translation: 3.3 V/5 V
  • Package: 8-lead and 16-lead SOIC

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