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Robust, Low Power Amplifier Features Input Overvoltage Protection

The analog inputs to systems such as programmable logic controllers often include transient or fault voltages that exceed the safe input range of the front-end amplifiers. The ADA4091-2 is a 36 V, micropower, single-supply, rail-to-rail operational amplifier with proprietary input protection circuitry that allows the inputs to exceed the supply rails by 10 V or more with no damage or phase reversal. External protection devices are not required, thereby reducing cost and space requirements.

The low power and small form factor make the ADA4091-2 ideal for both multichannel systems and space constrained applications. Low offset, low offset drift, and wide bandwidth allow accurate signal conditioning of a wide variety of sensor inputs. In addition to the robust input overvoltage protection, the ADA4091-2 achieves outstanding resistance to electrostatic voltage discharges. It is available in 8-lead LFCSP and 8-lead SOIC packaging.


ADA4091-2 Features

  • Overvoltage protection
    • 12 V above/below the supply rails @ ±15 V
    • 25 V above/below the supply rails @ ±5 V
  • Power supply
    • Single: 3 V to 36 V
    • Dual: ±1.5 V to ±18 V
  • Supply current: 350 µA per amplifier max
  • Bandwidth: 3 MHz
  • Slew rate: 0.5 V/µs
  • Offset voltage: 500 µV or better max
  • No phase reversal
Digitally Programmable Gain Instrumentation Amplifiers (PGIAs) Ideal for Data Acquisition Systems ACE Awards, EE Times China
2007 Product of the Year
Category: Amplifier ICs

The AD8250, AD8251, and AD8253 are digitally programmable gain instrumentation amplifiers that offer an excellent solution for applications where size and package density are important considerations. Applications include data acquisition systems that require fast, accurate measurement with robust signal conditioning over large voltage ranges. The devices are able to reach gains of 10, 8, and 1000, respectively, while offering dc precision and ac bandwidth unmatched by other in-amps or discrete solutions on the market. A large gain setting allows small signals, such as signals from sensors, to be amplified to drive an ADC. The AD825x family is a monolithic solution that simplifies design and manufacturing, and boosts performance of instrumentation by maintaining a tight match of internal resistors and amplifiers. All are available in 10-lead MSOP packaging and are specified over the –40°C to +85°C temperature range.

Supply Current
Max (mA)
G = 10
Typ (kHz)
Gain Range
(Min to Max)
1 Hz to 10 Hz
(µV p-p)
AD8250 10 to 34 4.5 3000 10 80 to 98 1
AD8251 10 to 34 3.5 2500 8 80 to 98 1.2
AD8253 10 to 34 4 10,000 1000 80 to 120 1

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