Industrial and Instrumentation ICs

Precision DAC Enables Actuation and Communications in a Single Step

Ideal for per-channel isolated systems, the AD5422 is a serial input, precision, fully integrated 16-bit converter offering a programmable current source and programmable voltage output. The output configuration is software-selectable from options of 5 V, 10 V, ±5 V, and ±10 V in voltage mode; and from 4 mA to 20 mA, 0 mA to 20 mA, and 0 mA to 24 mA in current mode. All output spans include an additional overrange setting. Analog outputs feature output control functionality and can drive capacitive loads of 1 µF and inductive loads of 1 H. The device is specified to operate from a single 12 V to 48 V supply or dual ±12 V to ±24 V supplies. Internal fault detection circuitry provides hardware and software indication of line faults, such as opens or shorts in cable wiring or remotely located loads. The device integrates a precision 10 ppm/°C reference.


AD5422 Features

  • Single channel configuration
  • 16-bit resolution
  • Pin-compatible 12-bit device
  • Voltage and current output
  • Accuracy: 0.1% TUE
  • On-chip precision force and sense amplifier
  • Integrated diagnostics
  • Package: 24-lead TSSOP, 40-lead LFCSP

Simplify Your Motor Control Designs with ADI's Simultaneous Sampling, 1 MSPS, 14-Bit, 2-Channel SAR ADC with PGA

Designed for industrial applications, ADI's AD7264 features two high speed, low power SAR ADCs, each providing throughput rates up to 1 MSPS. The on-chip PGA accepts a true differential analog input and supports 14 programmable gain settings from 1 to 128. In addition, the AD7264 includes four on-chip comparators: two optimized for low power and two optimized for short propagation delays. The AD7262 is a 12-bit pin-compatible solution. ADI's AD8132 and ADA4941-1 are recommended complementary drivers for single-ended and differential conversion.

The AD7264 simplifies industrial motor control designs by integrating two simultaneous sampling, successive approximation (SAR) ADCs, two programmable gain amplifiers (PGA), and four comparators on a single chip. By providing a direct interface for multiple types of sensors, this new ADC solution allows a single, standardized data acquisition board to be used in industrial motor drives, replacing as many as three separate boards previously required to perform the same system control function. This integration allows designers to develop simpler, more cost-effective motor control units.

ADA4941-1 AD8132 AD7262 AD7264


AD7264 Features

  • Dual, 14-bit ADCs with true differential analog inputs
  • Programmable gain stage:
    ×1, ×2, ×3, ×4, ×6, ×8, ×12, ×16, ×24, ×32, ×48, ×64, ×96, ×128
  • Throughput rate per ADC: 1 MSPS
  • 4 on-chip comparators
  • Low power consumption: 24 mA
  • Package: 48-lead LQFP, 48-lead LFCSP

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