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Multivoltage Supervisory Solutions for Industrial Applications

Analog Devices' multivoltage supervisory solutions are ideal for use within industrial applications. Two leading products within this category are the ADM13305 dual voltage supervisor and ADM13307 triple voltage supervisor. Each device is available in five different models; all feature a combination of internally pretrimmed threshold options for monitoring 1.8 V, 2.5 V, 3.3 V, and 5 V supplies. There are also adjustable input options to choose from with an undervoltage threshold voltage of either 1.25 V or 0.6 V. The high accuracy of the 0.6 V adjustable inputs of these multivoltage supervisory devices makes them the highest accuracy multichannel portfolio on the market. The ADM13305 includes a watchdog timer function, while both the ADM13305 and ADM13307 include a manual reset input. The functional integration results in a reduced component count and increased reliability when compared to a cumbersome discrete implementation.

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ADM13305, ADM13307

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Solving Power Distribution Problems in Industrial Equipment with ADI Power Regulators

Typical industrial control systems include a set of analog input/output modules that operate from ±15 V supplies and interface with industry-standard 4 mA to 20 mA control loops. Such power supplies are easily generated from the versatile synchronizable ADP1621 switching controller, enabling ADC clock aperture synchronization to the quiet period of the switching frequency.

The control of the system is normally made up of a set of processors, memory, and FPGAs often powered from 3 V supplies with additional lower voltage inputs for core processor power. Generation of the 3.3 V rail is accomplished very efficiently with a switching regulator such as the ADP3050—minimizing external parts count. The local core voltage is easily generated from the low dropout ADP1706 linear regulator that provides stable operation with compact multilayer ceramic capacitors.

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