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Low Noise, 1 GHz FastFET Amplifier Provides Twice
the –3 dB Bandwidth

As the newest and fastest members of the FastFET™ family of amplifiers from ADI, the ADA4817-1 (single) and ADA4817-2 (dual) achieve twice the –3 dB bandwidth (1050 MHz) and half the noise (4 nV/√Hz) compared to the competition. Extremely high input impedances make the ADA4817 ideal for use as photodiode preamps, as well as for the front ends of data acquisition equipment such as oscilloscopes, test equipment, and medical imaging. The ADA4817-1 (single) is available in an 8-lead LFCSP and an 8-lead SOIC, and the ADA4817-2 (dual) is available in a 16-lead LFCSP. All packages feature dedicated feedback pins to reduce parasitics and PCB design complexity. Both products are rated to operate over the extended temperature range of –40°C to +105°C.

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ADA4817-2 ADA4817-1


ADA4817 Features

  • High speed
    • 1050 MHz, –3 dB bandwidth (G = 1)
    • 870 V/µs slew rate
    • 9 ns settling time to 0.1%
  • 2 pA input bias current
  • Low input capacitance
    • Common-mode capacitance: 1.3 pF
    • Differential-mode capacitance: 0.1 pF
  • Low noise
    • 4 nV/√Hz @ 100 kHz
    • 2.5 fA/√Hz @ 100 kHz
  • Offset voltage: 2 mV maximum
  • High output current: 70 mA
  • Supply current per amplifier: 19 mA
  • Power down supply current per amplifier: 1.5 mA

1 GHz, New Sub-1 GHz Short Range Transceivers with Integrated Communications Processor Deliver Robust RF Performance

The ADF7022/ADF7023 are the first new generation of transceivers from ADI to address worldwide sub 1 GHz frequency bands and are compliant to standards such as ETSI EN 300-220 and FCC Part 15 using FSK, GFSK, and OOK modulation schemes at up to 250 Kbps. The devices are suitable for applications requiring low power consumption and robust data transfer. They include sophisticated on-chip communications processors and data buffers, which allow packet format flexibility and perform time critical MAC layer functions to support both proprietary and standard mesh network protocols, such as Wireless Mbus, Konnex, and io-homecontrol®.

Evaluation boards and device drivers provide the designer with a complete wireless link and network solution. ADI offers a range of receiver, transmitter, and transceiver products for use in a wide range of applications requiring robust performance and low power consumption.

Function Output
Power (dBm)
+10 dBm Tx
Comment Price
ADF7012 Tx 75 to 1000 179.2 –16 to +14 18 mA @
433 MHz,
21 mA @
868 MHz,
24 mA @
915 MHz
US and European ISM bands with increased data rate 1.52
ADF7020 TRx 431 to 478,
862 to 956
200 –16 to +13 26 mA Tx,
19 mA Rx
Intended for EN 300-220 FCC Pt.15.247 applications 2.23
ADF7901 Tx 369.5 to 395.9 50 5 to 14 21 mA 24-lead TSSOP 1.52

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