Industrial and Sensor ICs

Precision Difference Amplifier Family Provides Lowest Distortion, High Speed Measurements for Industrial Applications

Precision industrial motor control systems require robustness, flexibility, and gain accuracy over wide temperature ranges. The AD827x family offers solutions to meet such challenges in industrial voltage and current measurement, offering precision difference amplifiers with an impressive balance of critical features. They provide 4 kV ESD protection and high input range capability for voltages above the rail. Gain accuracy with low gain drift guarantees performance over a range of temperatures, which reduces the need for calibration.

System designers, such as designers of high quality audio and video systems, are always on a quest to reduce noise and error introduced into a signal as it is received and transmitted between peripherals, partly due to mismatch and nonlinearity of system components. With the industry's lowest distortion for a given common-mode rejection (CMR) and current consumption, the AD827x family can be used as differential line receivers to address this challenge and maintain signal quality and system performance.

The AD827x family of amplifiers truly makes a difference.


AD827x Features

  • Extremely low distortion, high quality signal conditioning
  • Versatile gain configurations, easy to use
  • Excellent CMR
  • High bandwidth and high slew rate
  • Low gain error and drift
  • Fast settling time

Dual, Rail-to-Rail Precision Amplifier Protects Against Overvoltage Conditions

The analog inputs of amplifiers in industrial electronics can experience damaging transient voltages. The ADA4091-2 is a 36 V, micropower, single-supply, rail-to-rail input/output operational amplifier with input protection that allows input voltages to exceed the supply by >10 V without damage or phase reversal.

The low power and small form factor packaging options make it ideal for space-constrained applications. Low offset and drift with wide bandwidth allow accurate signal conditioning. The >4 kV Human Body Model ESD rating protects the part during manufacturing and in the field.

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