Industrial and Sensor ICs

Isolated Half-Bridge Gate Drivers Reduce System Cost and Size While Increasing Quality and Reliability

Motor drive controls and power inverters using optocoupler gate drivers or discrete pulse transformers require many components and a large PCB area.

The ADuM5230 and ADuM6132 isolated half-bridge gate drivers eliminate the cost, space, and performance difficulties associated with optocoupler or discrete pulse transformer control systems. Developed with ADI's patented iCoupler and isoPower® technologies, the ADuM5230 and ADuM6132 are the industry's first isolated half-bridge gate drivers that include isolated power and isolated gate drivers in one single package. At a nominal boost voltage of 15 V, the on-chip isolated power delivers as much as 150 mW (ADuM5230) or 275 mW (ADuM6132) to power any external buffer circuitry used. This high level of integration reduces system cost and size as much as 50% and improves system reliability and quality by simplifying design.

The ADuM5230 also provides independent and isolated highside and low-side outputs. The ADuM6132 provides isolated high-side only. They both offer the benefits of true galvanic isolation between the input and each output, as well as between the outputs. Each output can operate up to 700 VPEAK working voltage relative to the input. The ADuM5230 and ADuM6132 offer short propagation delay and skew, which in turn reduces the potential for shoot through failures.

ADuM6132 ADuM5230 ADuM5230/ADuM6132

Vibration Sensing for Predictive and Preventative Industrial Machinery Maintenance

EDN Innovation Winner 2008Industrial machinery must run continuously and efficiently because production interruptions directly affect the bottom line. Vibration monitoring technology is a dominant method of machine health detection; however, it is often complex, bulky, and cost-prohibitive. The ADXL001 iMEMS® accelerometer is a high performance, easy to use, robust vibration sensor that offers sensitivity of frequencies up to an industry-leading 22 kHz. With a package size of 5 mm × 5 mm and offering both sensing and signal conditioning on one die, it is ideal for space-constrained industrial applications. The device requires only 2.5 mA of current for complete operation.


ADXL001 Features

  • ±70 g, ±250 g, and ±500 g wideband ranges
  • 22 kHz resonant frequency structure
  • High linearity: 0.2% of full scale
  • Low noise: 4 mg/√Hz
  • Sensitive axis in the plane of the chip
  • Frequency response down to dc
  • Full differential signal processing
  • High resistance to EMI/RFI
  • Complete electromechanical self-test
  • Output ratiometric to supply
  • Velocity preservation during acceleration input overload
  • Power consumption: 2.5 mA typ

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