Consumer ICs

3-Axis iMEMS Digital Accelerometer Delivers Unmatched Power Efficiency to Maximize Battery Life

Many of the most exciting features in today's portable consumer electronics are enabled by motion sensing technology as consumers and manufacturers discover the benefits of converting human movement and spatial awareness into a range of interactive system functions. Because every new feature introduced in products such as mobile gaming systems, cell phones, digital still cameras, and other battery-operated electronics needs a power source, power supply budgets are increasingly taxed.


Analog Devices' ADXL345 3-axis digital iMEMS (integrated microelectromechanical system) motion sensor is the lowest power device in its class, achieving an 80% power savings compared to competing 3-axis inertial sensors. It incorporates an on-chip FIFO (first-in/first-out) memory block that stores up to 32 sample sets of X, Y, and Z data. By sampling input data to determine if the system should be responding actively to a change in movement or acceleration, the new motion sensing device saves additional system power by offloading that function from the host processor, which can remain in sleep mode or address other system commands. The ADXL345 also incorporates an on-chip ADC for further power consumption reductions. The ADXL345 is supplied in a small, thin 3 mm × 5 mm × 1 mm, 14-lead plastic package.



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