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Voltage Feedback Rail-to-Rail Triple Amplifiers Deliver High Bandwidth with a Wide Output Swing

The ADA4855-3 and ADA4856-3 are rail-to-rail amplifiers that provide a broad output voltage range at a wide –3 dB bandwidth, allowing analog video systems to deliver cost efficient, high quality HD video for high speed video applications. Both devices have triple amplifier outputs and offer low noise, low output crosstalk, and fast overdrive recovery. With a fixed gain of 2, the ADA4856-3 provides cost and space savings for projectors, monitors, and computers that output HD video. Both devices operate on 3.3 V to 5 V supplies and are available in small 16-lead LFCSP packaging.


ADA4856-3 ADA4855-3

A number of video encoders, decoders, multiplexers, and receivers are compatiblewith the ADA4855-3 and ADA4856-3, including:

  • ADV739x family of low power, chip scale, 10-bit SD/HD video encoders
  • AD8180, AD8182, AD8184, AD8186, and AD8187 buffered multiplexers
  • AD8123 triple differential receiver with adjustable line equalization

Compact Video Filter and Buffer Supports HD and SD Signals Simultaneously

The ADA4420-6 is a low cost video reconstruction filter and buffer specifically designed for consumer applications. It consists of six independent filter channels: three for standard definition (Y/C, CVBS) and three for high definition component (YPrPb or RGB) signals. The device operates on a single 5 V supply, making it ideal for applications where power consumption is critical. The disable feature allows further power conservation by reducing the supply current to 10 µA (typical) when the ADA4420-6 is not in use. The ADA4420-6 operates in the extended industrial temperature range of –40°C to +85°C and is available in 20-lead TSSOP pinout and 16-lead QSOP pinout packaging.

Complete Signal Chain Solution for High Resolution Video Distribution over UTP Cable

ADI's extensive portfolio now supports the complete signal chain for high resolution video distribution over UTP cable. Working with a single IC supplier, designers can now realize the benefits of better part-to-part compatibility, and receive industry-leading application support and economical price points. Each component in the signal chain has unique functionality and performance advantages.

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UTP Cable

Part Number Description Price ($U.S.)
AD8120 Triple skew-compensating video delay line; high channel-to-channel output accuracy; best-in-class bandwidth performance of 106 MHz at maximum delay settings 14.75
AD8123 Triple adjustable cable equalizer; compensates up to 300 meters Cat-5, Cat-6, VGA, and BNC cables 7.88
AD8143 Triple differential receiver with comparator; wide input common-mode range 2.58
AD8145 Triple differential receiver with comparator; 2100 V/µs slew rate and 100 MHz 0.1 dB flatness at fixed G = 2 3.03
Triple differential drivers; 0.1 dB flatness up to 200 MHz and –3 dB bandwidth up to 700 MHz at fixed G = 2 2.93/

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