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iMEMS Digital and Analog Microphones Deliver Industry's Best Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Frequency Response

Better audio performance is a key differentiator in consumer electronics devices such as Bluetooth headsets, laptop PCs, cell phones, and digital video cameras. Today's ECM technology poses an obstacle to meeting these needs.


ADI's iMEMS® analog and digital microphones offer the industry's flattest frequency response, ranging from 100 Hz to greater than 15 kHz, and deliver 61 dB A-weighted SNR, the highest available in the industry. This higher performance provides better intelligibility and sounds more natural and pleasant to the ear, while enabling enhanced far-field performance and adding new features, such as HD audio or support for TIA920-compliant wideband VoIP.



AdvantivSingle Chip TV Audio Subsystem for Advanced TV Applications

ADI's ADAV4622 is a highly integrated audio processor system chip for advanced TV applications. It includes a worldwide analog broadcast decoder, multichannel analog and digital input and output channels, integrated digital Class-D output, and a configurable audio processor that supports ADI's SigmaStudio® graphical user interface (GUI) audio design tool.

The ADAV4622 includes a number of features to address the audio system design challenges currently facing TV designers. For example, pop and click issues due to power-up and power-down of the audio subsystem are resolved with a DAC and Class-D architecture that eliminates DAC and Class-D sharp transitions during the power sequence. In addition, the ADAV4622 integrates hardware accelerators (requiring no DSP overhead) that enable smooth switching between various sources and levels without risk of the associated audio artifacts. Also available is a full library of supporting audio algorithms including automatic volume control, bass enhancement, speaker and chassis equalization, dynamic range control, and many popular third-party algorithms.

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ADAV4622 Features

  • Worldwide analog broadcast decoder: BTSC, EIAJ, NICAM, and A2
  • Fully programmable embedded audio processor with configurable registers for simple I2C control
  • 2 stereo ADCs and 4 stereo DACs
  • Integrated headphone amplifier
  • 4-channel digital Class-D output amplifier for direct connection to a simple power stage
  • Multichannel digital inputs with SRC
  • S/PDIF transmitter

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