Automotive Signal Processing

High-Side and Low-Side Current Shunt Monitors Enhance and Simplify HEV Battery Power Monitoring

Accurate measurement of the current in an HEV battery stack is a key requirement for achieving optimal power consumption and battery life, as well as enabling enhanced diagnostic capabilities. ADI's line of current shunt monitors offers excellent performance and automotive quality. The AD8215 features single-supply operation with input voltage capability of –2 V up to +65 V. Monitoring current at ground or on the high side is simple and accurate due to 100 dB typical CMRR and >10 µV/°C offset drift. In addition, immunity to high or low voltage spikes is enabled. Excellent output linearity throughout the entire input differential range allows for accurate measurement of both high and low currents with a single shunt resistor. Bidirectional current shunt monitors such as the AD8206 and AD8210 allow optimum performance during battery charge and discharge. All of these automotive grade current sensors are AEC-Q100 qualified and are offered in SOIC or MSOP packages. Further, HEV battery system reliability can be achieved with ADI's ADuC703x family of highly integrated precision battery monitors. These devices precisely measure battery voltage, current, and temperature to control battery charging and discharging profiles in order to ensure improved battery dependability and prolong battery life, while providing priority to critical functions such as engine startup.

Description Input Range (V) Key Features Price
AD8202 Unidirectional, precision high voltage difference amplifier –12 to +30 10 µV/°C max offset drift, ±1 ppm/°C gain drift 1.49
AD8206 Bidirectional, 65 V input, single-supply difference amplifier –2 to +65 80 dB CMRR, G = 20 V/V 1.49
AD8210 Bidirectional, high bandwidth, 65 V current sensor –2 to +65 8 µV/°C max offset drift, high input impedance 1.79
AD8214 High voltage overcurrent detector 5 to 65 supply and input range 100 ns input to output response 0.75
AD8215 Unidirectional, precision current sensor –2 to +65 100 dB CMRR, 0.3% max gain error 1.20

High Performance Resolver-to-Digital Converter to Match a Range of Resolvers and Variable Input Conditions in Robust and Cost-Effective Solutions

The AD2S1205 is a complete 12-bit resolution tracking resolver-to-digital converter that contains an on-board programmable sinusoidal oscillator to provide sine wave excitation for resolvers. The converter accepts 3.15 V p-p ±27% input signals on the sine and cosine inputs. A Type II tracking loop is employed to track the inputs and convert the input sine and cosine information into a digital representation of the input angle and velocity. The maximum tracking rate is a function of the external clock frequency. The performance of the AD2S1205 is specified across a frequency range of 8.192 MHz ± 25%, allowing a maximum tracking rate of 1250 rps.


AD2S1205 Features

  • Complete monolithic resolver-to-digital converter (RDC)
  • Parallel and serial 12-bit data ports
  • System fault detection
  • ±11 arc minutes of accuracy
  • Input signal range: 3.15 V p-p ± 27%
  • Absolute position and velocity outputs
  • 1250 rps maximum tracking rate, 12-bit resolution
  • Incremental encoder emulation (1024 pulses/rev)
  • Programmable sinusoidal oscillator on board
  • Single-supply operation (5.00 V ± 5%)
  • Temperature rating: –40°C to +125°C
  • Package: 44-lead LQFP
  • 4 kV ESD protection

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