Automotive Signal Processing

Automotive Audio Postprocessing is Simplified with SigmaDSP® Audio Processors

In today's evolving car audio environment, designers are challenged by the demands of audio enthusiasts for high quality surround sound performance, the increasing complexity of multifunctional infotainment systems, and the cost goals of OEMs. Designing audio systems that offer OEMs an upgrade path from low end to premium systems is also essential.

Analog Devices' SigmaDSP processors provide cost-effective, fully configurable, and scalable digital audio postprocessing in many automotive amplifiers being supplied for today's automotive OEM platforms. ADI offers the ADAU1442, the latest and most powerful member of the SigmaDSP family. It is a 28-bit/56-bit audio processor featuring a flexible audio routing matrix (FARM).

One of the key advantages to selecting the SigmaDSP platform is the accompanying SigmaStudio™ design software suite, which requires no DSP programming knowledge. SigmaStudio features an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) to create a seamless hardware and software tool environment. The drag and drop interface allows designers to build multichannel digital audio platforms simply by selecting from a library of audio function blocks that includes volume control, crossover and equalizer filters, and other third-party algorithms. SigmaStudio tools also enable easy implementation of industry-standard licensed algorithms such as Dolby® or SRS.

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ADAU1442 Features

  • SigmaDSP core: 172 MHz
    • Flexible audio routing matrix (FARM)
    • 24-channel I/O
    • 8 stereo asynchronous sample rate converters (SRCs)
    • Sony Philips Digital Interface (S/PDIF) input and output
  • 4k parameter RAM, 8k data RAM
  • Easy interfacing of asynchronous sources
  • Audio postprocessing

Codec Designed for Automotive Audio

Analog Devices' AD193x codec family offers designers the essential converter building blocks to complete the audio signal chain. These codecs are designed specifically to address automotive audio requirements while simplifying system design. They offer complete compatibility with ADI's versatile family of DSPs, including SigmaDSP, Blackfin, or SHARC processors—or a combination of these processors.


AD193x Features

  • Supports 24-bit, 192 kHz sample rate
  • No master clock needed: can derive MCLK from LR clock
  • TDM mode supports 16-in/16-out using a single DSP serial port
  • ADI's codec family members include:

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