Amplifier ICs

High Voltage Operational Amplifier for Low Power Applications

The AD8622 is a dual, high precision, rail-to-rail output operational amplifier operating at just 200 µA quiescent current per amplifier. Its ultralow offset, offset drift, and voltage noise combined with very low bias current and high common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) make it ideally suited for high accuracy signal conditioning circuits. The R-R output and near R-R input ranges enable a variety of input signals while maximizing the dynamic range of the system. The AD8622 is available in both 8-lead SOIC and MSOP packages.


ADA4091 Features

  • Low offset voltage
    • B-grade: 50 µV max
    • A-grade: 100 µV max
  • Input offset drift: 0.8 µV/°C max
  • Bias current: 200 pA
  • Supply current: 200 µA
  • Rail-to-rail output swing
  • Noise: 12 nV/√Hz @ 1 kHz
  • Operating voltage range: ±2.5 V to ±18 V

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