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ADI Diff Amp Calculator Design Tool Simulates Diff Amp Performance

The advantages of driving a high performance ADC input differentially are compelling—improved common-mode noise and interference rejection, increased dynamic range, and common-mode offset adjustment capability are among the benefits. However, selecting and interfacing the correct differential amplifier driver for a given ADC can be a challenging and time-consuming engineering task.

ADI's new ADI Diff Amp Calculator™ is an updated and downloadable version of ADI's popular online ADIsimDiffAmp™ design tool. This free graphical calculation tool reduces differential amplifier design time from hours to minutes. The new tool performs all the required differential amplifier calculations, which reduces design risks and further speeds time to market. This tool calculates gain and component values of a differential amplifier circuit for terminated or unterminated inputs or output loads, as well as determines the input/output and VOCM voltage range. In addition, it calculates noise and power dissipation to ensure that the device meets the required operating conditions. There is also a graphical plot of the total noise of the amplifier and surrounding circuitry conveniently displayed in an intuitive and easy to understand format.

Download your free copy today at www.analog.com/diffampcalculator.

Diff Amp Calculator

AN-1026 Application Note, High Speed Differential ADC Driver Design Considerations, provides in-depth technical details on designing with differential amplifiers in high speed applications. To access this note, visit www.analog.com/AN1026.

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