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The Latest News and Resources on Processor and DSP solutions from Analog Devices

Avnet Electronics Marketing Introduces the Analog Devices Blackfin® BF609 Embedded Vision Starter Kit at Embedded World

Avnet Electronics Marketing, an operating group of Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), will unveil the Analog Devices Blackfin BF609 Embedded Vision Starter Kit at the Silica booth at Embedded World 2013, in Nuremberg, Germany, February 26-28. This low-cost development kit allows engineers to quickly evaluate the capabilities of the Analog Devices dual-core Blackfin BF609 processor, optimized for embedded vision applications, featuring a high-performance video analytics accelerator called the Pipelined Vision Processor (PVP). Get more information on the starter kits, here.

EBSYS Exhibiting Embedded Vision Technology with ADSP-BF60x Blackfin Processors at Embedded World 2013

EBSYS, an innovative technology provider for embedded vision and video communication, has integrated and optimized their License Plate Recognition (LPR) library for use with the ADSP-BF609 Blackfin® processor, intended primarily for Highway Toll Collection/Speed enforcement, Vehicle Access Control/Entrance Admission, Vehicle Theft Prevention/Detection, Traffic Monitoring /Bus lane or red light enforcement. EBSYS will demonstrate the technology at Embedded World 2013 in Nuremberg, Germany, February 26-28th, 2013

About our Partners at Embedded World 2013

Bluetechnix GmbH: is ADI's long-time embedded systems development partner, offering: hardware and software development services; device driver and firmware development; efficient solutions for customer requirements. Technology displayed will be innovative traffic sign recognition and speech recognition.

Learn more about our demo stations at Embedded World 2013

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Partner – BlueTechnix

Blackfin and SHARC Software Modules

Analog Devices offers a broad collection of free algorithmic software modules for Blackfin and SHARC processors that are optimized for use with CrossCore® Embedded Studio (CCES) and VisualDSP++ 5.0. The CCES software add-in's contain fully functioning demonstration & example code and some support CCES Code Sketches. Here are our recent additions to ADI's software modules. Note that some modules require licensing by the IP holder before they can be acquired from ADI: (examples include all DTS, Dolby and Microsoft modules).


Blackfin 2D Graphics Library (BF2DGL-OGL) Rel 3.3.0 – January 2013

Blackfin Image Processing Toolbox Rel 2.3.0 – Janaury 2013

Blackfin Vision Analytics Toolbox (VAT) Rel 2.2.1 – September 2012

H.264 BP Decoder Rel 4.0.0 – June 2012

JPEG Decoder Rel 4.1.0 – May 2012

JPEG Encoder Rel 4.1.0 – May 2012

MPEG-4 HE-AAC v2 Decoder (with DAB Support) Rel 6.1.0 – September 2012

MPEG-4 SP/ASP Encoder Rel 4.2.0 – January 2013

Spatial Transform and Lens Distortion Correction Rel 2.0.0 – January 2013

Windows Media Audio (WMA9) Standard Decoder Rel 6.0.0 – November 2012


Windows Media Audio (WMA9) Standard Decoder Rel 6.0.0 – November 2012

Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC) Rel 2.0.0 – November 2012

Dirac Dimensions Rel 2.0.0 – January 2013

Dolby Digital Plus (E-AC-3) Decoder Rel 2.0.0 – October 2012

Dolby Pro Logic IIx Decoder Rel 5.0.0 – November 2012

Dolby Digital (AC-3) 5.1 Decoder Rel 4.0.0 – February 2013

DTS Symmetry for SHARC Rel 1.1.0 – October 2012

DTS 5.1 Decoder Rel 4.0.0 – February 2013

Our complete list of modules are available online at and at

DSP Discounts and Donations for Universities

Analog Devices is offering students and Universities free use of our new CrossCore Embedded Studio integrated development environment and the Micrium µC/OS-III™ Real-Time Kernel for CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES). Request Free Software

ADI DSP Third Party Collaborative

VoIP Gateway with Blackfin CPU
Promwad Innovation Company, member of The Collaborative Program of Analog Devices, has published a technical description of its custom project on VoIP Gateway development. This device is an analog telephone adapter (ATA) used for transmission of voice signals in IP-networks. It is based on the ADI's Blackfin BF527 processor (500 MHz) with rich periphery and DSP-like instructions for audio/video processing and integrated Ethernet controller. Read more about this Blackfin application here.

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