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Free Image Processing Software Modules for Developers of Complex Image and Video Processing Applications

Responding to increased developer demand for low cost, fast and efficient video technology software tools, Analog Devices is now offering a free comprehensive video primitives library for use in real time video analytics applications. The software modules are fully optimized for the Blackfin processor family and include image processing task level primitives to enable faster development cycles for video analytics applications. The free software modules, available in object code or a C source wrapper, provide advanced video design functionality such as video filtering, transforms, color operations and utilities suitable for a wide range of applications, including video surveillance, automotive vision systems and industrial vision.

Learn more about the Image Processing Software Modules.

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Silentium and Blackfin® Bring Active Noise Cancellation to a Multitude of Application

Silentium Ltd., developers of spatial & broadband active noise control (ANC) technologies, has selected Analog Devices' Blackfin processors to power their ANC products. Utilizing low cost, powerful Blackfin processors for their core ANC technology, the S-Cube™ Controller, Silentium is able to deliver more than 10dB (A) broadband noise reduction covering the entire audible range and, in addition, deliver from 100Hz up to 2KHz point to zone spatial noise reduction.

Learn more about Silentium and Blackfin®.

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Blackfin and SHARC Workshops in Greater China (December 2009 - April 2010)

Blackfin Processor System Development & Programming (ADSP-BF533 & ADSP-BF537)

SHARC Processor System Development & Programming (ADSP-21368/9 & ADSP-21375)

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