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June 2009 – Issue 5


Welcome to your quarterly installment of I&I Embedded News – bringing you special offers, links to our software download center and a selection of articles on Industrial and Instrumentation Embedded Processing news and solutions from Analog Devices.

Siemens productSiemens' Meter Energy Management Solution Powered by Blackfin® Processors

By leveraging the cost-effective computational performance of Analog Devices' Blackfin processor at the heart of its "smart meter" technology, the Siemens Automated Metering and Information System (AMIS) has given both energy companies and consumers the ability to manage their costs and ultimately conserve the use of precious energy resources.

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ADI Partners with Spoerle to Expedite Development Processes with New 'Embedded Platform Concept'

The Embedded Platform Concept (EPC) from electrical component distributor Spoerle leverages Analog Devices' components to provide embedded developers with flexible reference boards and modules that assist in the creation of innovative custom applications and accelerate development processes.

Targeted for control, industrial and medical applications, the ADI-based embedded components available via the EPC include a Blackfin BF527-based processor module, and a board with Analog Devices' power management components. Spoerle offers these ADI-based modules in multiple configurations, initially available in Europe only.

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News, Articles and Application Notes

Intelligent IP Camera System Design Considerations

VisualDSP++ Update 6 Released

Embedded Processors and DSP Selection Guide 2009
(PDF, 3.4MB)

Product Highlight: Embedded Processors for Industrial Applications
(PDF, 556KB)


Power Management solutions:

ADI Processor Companion Power Selection Guide (PDF, 415KB)

ADI Complementary Parts Guide – Supervisory Devices and Processors (PDF, 96KB)







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