Winter 2013
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Designing for Vital Sign Monitoring
Learn about ECG/HRM design for patient monitoring and sports/fitness applications. A primer on the different topologies for cardiac monitoring, and a deep dive on the AD8232 Single-Lead ECG AFE architecture including an application system-level perspective will be discussed. Co-sponsored by Arrow NA.
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Technical Paper

Detecting and Distinguishing Cardiac Pacing Artifacts
Learn about the nature of pacing artifacts and a method for detecting them. The ADAS1000 5-lead ECG AFE is highlighted.
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Body Worn Sensors for Heart Rate and Activity Monitoring
Vital sign measurement applications are expanding with emphasis placed on home healthcare and personal health management. This video highlights the AD8232 single-lead ECG AFE for heart rate monitoring, and the ADXL362 MEMS accelerometer for activity monitoring.
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View our Healthcare website featuring technology solutions for imaging, patient monitoring, instrumentation and home healthcare applications.

Healthcare IC Solutions - Analog 

256-Channel, 16-Bit Digital X-Ray AFE on Flex
Complete charge-to-digital conversion on a single chip
High density flex package mounts directly on panels
Simultaneous sampling
User-adjustable full-scale range up to 32 pC
Ultralow noise: 560 e- at 2pC range
Multiple functional power modes: from 1-mW/ch to 3-mW/ch
The ADAS1256 is pre-released. Learn More

Octal Ultrasound AFE with On-Chip JESD204B Serial Interface
8-channel LNA, VGA, AAF, ADC
14-bit, 125-MSPS ADC; SNR: 75 dB
Digital I/Q demodulator with programmable oscillator, FIR decimation filter
5-Gbps serial JESD204B CML interface
Power: 130-mW/ch @ 40-MSPS in TGC mode; 55-mW/ch in CW mode
Noise: 0.78 nV/√Hz typical at 5 MHz (gain = 21.3 dB)
The AD9671 is pre-released. Learn More.

iso Power® Isolated DC-to-DC Converters for Patient Monitoring
Regulated 3.15-V to 5.25-V output
Up to 150-mW output power
High speed: 100 Mbps
20-lead SSOP with 5-mm creepage
ADuM5010, ADuCM6010, ADuCM521x, and ADuCM621x isoPower products are released with samples and eval boards available. Learn More.

Micropower, Zero-Drift, RRIO Precision Instrumentation Amplifier for Portable Designs
CMRR: 106 dB (min)
Offset voltage drift: 0.3 µV/°C (max)
Supply current: 115 µA
Single-supply operation: 1.8-V to 5.5-V
The AD8237 is production-released with samples available.

Best Electronic Design EDN Hot products
AD8232 Single-Electrode ECG AFE for Heart Rate and Cardiac Monitoring
The AD8232 is production-released with samples available.
Learn more.

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