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Summer 2013
See how the ADE7913 is
immune to magnetic interference.
Watch the video now:

Featured Technologies
ADI Demonstrates New Antitamper Capabilities of ADE7912/ADE7913
Isolated ADC
Analog Devices recently developed a demonstration platform for the
ADE7913 Isolated ADC that illustrates the benefits of this solution. The Isolated ADC incorporates patented iCoupler® and isoPower® technologies that implement isolated signal transfer and dc-to-dc power conversion across a
5 kV-rated insulation barrier and enable the use of shunt resistor sensing elements instead of current transformers (CTs). Target applications for this new solution include electricity meters, power distribution units, and isolated sensors. A related product, the ADE7932/ADE7933 and ADE7978 isolated ADC chipset for metering, also supports the same new antitamper capabilities.
Highly Integrated Power Management for FPGAs in Energy Applications
The latest generation processors and FPGAs need up to five voltage rails to be accurately generated, allow flexible power supply sequencing, and generate all five rails in the smallest possible PCB area with the lowest number of external components. The ADP5050 is a 5-channel high voltage PMU, which provides advanced levels of systems monitoring and configuration, including input voltage monitoring, die temperate monitoring, and basic DVS on buck outputs, all of which significantly increase the reliability of the power supply design. The ADP5050 can provide a five rail power supply including all external components in only 310 mm2.
Download the Digital Isolator Product Selection and Resource Guide:

isoPower, Isolated Data and Power in a Single Package
Tamper prevention and proper monitoring of power distribution are two key elements of a meter infrastructure. Shunts in the power lines are often used to measure the power flowing through the meter. Among the sensor options, they are the most immune to tampering since they are not affected by external magnetic fields. An analog-to-digital converter that requires a small amount of isolated power to operate measures the voltage across the shunt. Common methods for providing isolated power include discrete solutions using a large isolated transformer with many components or a dc-to-dc module that is expensive and bulky.
There is now a third option—
isoPower . The chip scale transformers of Analog Devices’ proprietary iCoupler technology not only isolate data, they can also be used to create isolated dc-to-dc converters integrated in a single package with data isolation. isoPower products, like the ADuM5401, can provide up to 500 mW of power and SPI style data communication at several MHz data rates. This isolation technology is also completely immune to external magnetic fields, making it invulnerable to magnetic tampering.

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