Summer 2014
New Products

SPIsolator Digital Isolators: We've Got Your SPI Bus Covered!

Supporting up to 40 MHz SPI clock speeds, the new digital isolators are more than six times faster, more than 80 percent smaller, and they cost as much as 85 percent less than competing optocoupler- or digital isolator-based solutions.

The ADuM3150 supports a delayed clock output on the part's master side that can be used with an additional general-purpose port on the master to support up to 40 MHz clock speeds.

The ADuM3150 is prereleased with evaluation boards now available.

The ADuM3151, ADuM3152, and ADuM3153 provide four high speed channels and three additional independent, low data rate channels in different configurations.

The ADuM3151, ADuM3152, and ADuM3153 are prereleased with evaluation boards now available.

The ADuM3154 digital isolator provides a slave select multiplexing system that allows up to four slave devices to be serviced from one isolator.

The ADuM3154 is prereleased with evaluation boards now available.
Watch the SPI Isolation Challenge Video Now!

In this video, two interns are challenged to isolate an SPI bus using the traditional optocoupler solution and the new SPIsolator® devices from Analog Devices. Watch how the interns overcome space, cost, and ease of use obstacles.
Highest Accuracy Isolated Σ-Δ Modulator

AD7403 increases the efficiency of motor drivers and power inverters, and features:

16 bits
87 dB SINAD (signal noise and distortion ratio), 14.2 ENOB
Low offset drift (3.8 μV/°C max)
1250 VPEAK working insulation voltage
On-board digital isolator
Conforms to insulation and safety related specifications: UL 1577, CSA, VDE

The AD7403 is production released with samples available.
CN0326: Isolated, Low Power pH Monitor with Temperature Compensation

This circuit provides two 16-bit, fully isolated, universal analog input channels suitable for programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and distributed control system (DCS) modules.

Read this circuit note and download the design files.

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