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Signal Isolation Simplified with the Industry's First 5kV rms Signal Isolated CAN Transceiver
The ADM3054 is the first signal-only isolated high speed CAN transceiver available to provide an isolation rating to 5kV rms fully certified to 125°C operation. The ADM3054 also offers isolated power detect functionality in a highly integrated single surface mount package capable of operating in harsh industrial applications.
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The Advantages of iCoupler® Digital Isolators in Healthcare Applications

Learn how iCoupler Digital Isolators provide a simple solution for connecting patients to a peripheral monitor in a safe and isolated manner.

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Digital Isolation in Smart Energy Metering Applications
Winter 2012
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The iCoupler Digital Isolator group will be participating in the APEC Conference in Orlando, Florida. Come join us February 5-9, 2012. For more information, please visit
Inside iCoupler Technology:
Reliability and Quality Testing of Automotive Digital Isolators
iCoupler digital isolators have demonstrated excellent reliability and quality as an alternative to optocouplers with over 750 million channels shipped to customers over the past 10 years. Quality is assured through Analog Devices' commitment to quality, as established through rigorous qualification and characterization processes. Yet, for the demanding challenges in the automotive industry, an extra level of reliability and quality is required. Learn more about the extra steps taken here.
NAppkin Notes - written expressly for the Digital Isolation Update - are ideas, hints, and tips for NAppkin Notes
building with iCoupler technology. This issue we present: How to Calculate the Controller Parameters for an Isolated CAN Network to Run at 1 Mbps. Read the whole note here.


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