Digital Isolation Update - Analog Devices
June 2010—Issue 12

Product news and resources from ADI's iCoupler® isolation technology group

New Products


4A Dual-Channel Gate Driver

The new ADuM3220 is a 4 A isolated, dual-channel gate driver combining high speed CMOS and monolithic transformer technology. This isolation component provides outstanding performance characteristics superior to the alternatives, such as the combination of pulse transformers and gate drivers. In comparison to gate drivers employing high voltage level translation methodologies, the ADuM3220 offers the benefit of true, galvanic isolation between the input and each output, enabling voltage translation across the isolation barrier.

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AEC-Q100 Qualified Hot-Swappable I2C Digital Isolator

The ADuM1250W is the industry's first automotive grade product to provide true bidirectional isolation for the I2C serial bus. The ADuM1250W reduces board space by as much as 80% and greatly reduces the system cost as well by eliminating optocouplers and support circuitry previously required in isolated I2C interfaces.

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Did you know...?

Did you know that you can evaluate ADI's Full/Low Speed USB Digital Isolator for a low cost?

Full/low speed USB digital isolator evaluation board.

Inside iCoupler Technology

Measuring Common-Mode Transient Immunity

Common-Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI) is one of three key characteristics associated with isolators such as iCoupler digital isolators as well as optocouplers. The other key characteristics are isolation rating and working voltage. This article discusses how ADI measures CMTI for our transformer-based iCoupler digital isolators and shows comparisons to competing digital isolators based on capacitors.

Learn more about the measurement of CMTI here.

NAppkin NotesNAppkin Notes – written expressly for the Digital Isolation Update – are ideas, hints, and tips for building with iCoupler technology. This issue we present: Using the ADuM3220 4A Gate Driver for Synchronous DC/DC Conversion.

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