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Welcome to your quarterly I&I Embedded News – bringing you special offers, links to our software download center and a selection of articles on industrial and instrumentation Embedded Processing news and solutions from Analog Devices.

Blackfin logoMaintaining Public Railways with Lower Cost and Improved Safety

A new, systematic maintenance approach now makes it possible to measure, locate, and fix rail- and tramway defects when they appear. Mature railway-engineering know-how and cutting edge technologies—including Blackfin® processors and graphical system design techniques—combine to improve and optimize public transportation. This can result in longer operation lifetimes for rails, improving economy and reliability.

Web Seminar: SHARC Processors in Test/Measurement Applications

SHARC® processors provide a vast range of advantages in different industrial domains where performance is critical.

For more details, and an example of how SHARC optimizes test and measurement equipment applications, view the new web seminar sponsored by Avnet and hosted by David Miller, Applications Engineering Manager from Analog Devices.

Watch the Web Seminar on-demand here.

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