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Welcome to your quarterly I&I Embedded News – bringing you special offers, links to our software download center and a selection of articles on industrial and instrumentation Embedded Processing news and solutions from Analog Devices.

Ingeteam Keeps Wind Turbine Power on the Grid with SHARC® Processor

Ingeteam is taming the gusty nature of wind-generated energy with its new Ingecon® CleanPower Series, which improves the quality of the power that variable speed turbines distribute to the electric grid. Ingecon CleanPower is a new electrical topology that accurately controls the power delivered to the grid by countering the usual problems associated with variable speed wind turbines: harmonic distortion, flicker, and ripple. On the job in the execution of all control algorithms are Analog Devices’ 32-bit floating-point SHARC processors. Read more

Convergent Industrial Applications Profit from Widespread Adoption of Analog Devices Processors

Blackfin chipThe industry's broadest portfolio of embedded and signal processing choices is what increasingly attracts industrial application developers to technologies from ADI. This is especially true for the industrial control, and test and measurement designs that require performance scalability, power and cost efficiency, and connectivity to a wide variety of industry standard communications protocols.

Developers find the Blackfin Processor family ideally suited for a wide range of industrial designs where a convergence of capabilities is necessary. These include multiformat audio, video, voice, and image processing; multimode baseband and packet processing; and real-time security and control processing. The IEEE1588 functionality integrated into the new ADSP-BF518 processor, for example, will make an immediate impact in IP-connected control and measurement systems, and the device's PWM feature is ideal for motor control designs.

Learn more about the newest Blackfin Processors.

SHARC Processors provide the industry’s best floating-point performance for industrial applications where dynamic range is a key consideration. SHARC devices dominate the floating-point digital signal processing market, delivering exceptional core and memory performance complemented by outstanding I/O throughput.

Learn more about the newest SHARC Processors.

Issue 4 March 2009
FireCracker Development Platform

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FireCracker Development & Reference Design Platform

Streamline your development process for audio, video and communications applications with the FireCracker Development & Reference Design Platform from Silica.

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