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October 2009 – Issue 6


Welcome to your quarterly installment of I&I Embedded News – bringing you special offers, links to our software download center and a selection of articles on Industrial and Instrumentation Embedded Processing news and solutions from Analog Devices.

APM video screenshotAPM Automation Solutions' 3DLevelScanner's Measurement Accuracy Surpasses Traditional Technologies

With the introduction of the 3DLevelScanner™, APM Automation Solutions Ltd. (APM) of Tel Aviv, Israel has engineered a transformative advancement in measurement accuracy and device usability for companies who need to make precise inventory measurements. To bring this new level of precision and performance to the market, APM chose the Analog Devices Blackfin® ADSP-BF534 as the device's core processor early in the development process, for its exceptional processing performance, best-in-class signal processing capabilities, low power consumption and low cost.

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Spotlight: Introducing EngineerZone, Where DSP Engineers Go for Answers.

ezone logoEngineerZone is a new online technical support forum by Analog Devices that provides direct access to DSP technical support engineers. You can also search technical information,
connect with DSP developers, and share knowledge with your peers.

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Digi-key logoAnalog Devices and Arcturus supply industrial IP Media development kit and ready-to-use module based on Blackfin Processor

The uCBF54x-Start Kit and System Module by Arcturus Networks speeds development of a range of embedded media devices in industrial applications that use SIP signaling to enable multichannel voice, audio, mini-PBX, or IP video. The uCBF54x comes packaged in two main forms: an FCC-prequalified development kit (Start Kit) complete with implementation examples, or as a system-on-a-module (System Module) suited for dropping directly into end-products.

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News, Articles and Application Notes:

Analog Devices Blackfin Helps Young Inventors Win Junior Championship At Robocup 2009

Watch them become champions - Robocup 2009 video

Embedded Processors and DSP Selection Guide 2009
(PDF, 3.4MB)

Product Highlight: Embedded Processors for Industrial Applications
(PDF, 556KB)

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