Battery Management

Analog Devices’ high frequency switch mode lithium ion battery charger simplifies constant current control in quick charge portables. The ADP2291 is a constant current/constant voltage linear charger for a single cell Li-ion battery, requiring just a few components to provide a simple and safe charging system that operates from a wide 4.5 V to 12 V input voltage range. The industry’s highest end of voltage accuracy levels are achieved to within ±0.4% at 25°C, ±0.6% at 5°C to 55°C, and ±0.7% at 0°C to 85°C.

ИС обеспечения резервного питания

ADI offers a range of supervisory circuits that offer a complete single chip solution for power supply monitoring and battery control functions in microprocessor systems.

ИС управления зарядом батареи

ADI battery charger ICs include features such as stacked lithium monitoring functionality, battery isolation, and multiple system flexibility.

Переключатели батарейного питания