Translinear Logarithmic Amplfiers

Analog Devices translinear logarithmic amplifiers utilize advanced translinear techniques to provide an exceptionally large dynamic range in a versatile and easily used form. Our portfolio relies on proprietary innovations in design and precision laser trimming to achieve the wide measurement range and accuracy in products such as the AD8304 and AD8305. ADI translinear logarithmic amps are used in a variety of applications including optical power measurement, wide range baseband logarithmic compression, the measurement of current and voltage ratios, and optical absorbance measurements.

Транслинейные логарифмические усилители

Транслинейные логарифмические усилители

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Fiber Optic Log/Limiting Amplifiers

Part#DNR (dB)SDOUT Response Time (µs)Vsupply span (min)Vsupply span (max)Isupply (typ)
ADL5303 160 1 ns 3 5.5 4.5 mA
ADL5304 200 0.5 µs 4.5 10.5 20.8 mA
ADL5310Reference Circuit Available 120 1 µs 3 10 9.5 mA
ADL5306Reference Circuit Available 60 1 µs 3 10 5.4 mA
AD8305Reference Circuit Available 100 1 µs 3 10 5.4 mA
AD8304Reference Circuit Available 160 500 ns 3 10 4.5 mA