Linear Products

Analog Devices focuses on designing amplifiers and linear products that deliver high performance and high value. ADI combines circuit design, manufacturing process innovation, and applications expertise to create products that simplify signal conditioning design.

Our online design tools help engineers to quickly select the right product from our broad portfolio of precision operational amplifiers, high speed operational amplifiers, instrumentation amplifiers, differential amplifiers, comparators, voltage references, other specialty amplifiers, and products for special linear functions.


Analog Devices offers the widest selection of multipliers and dividers with applications in radar, communications, and industrial controls where a real-time response is required.


Линейка компараторов Analog Devices включает разнообразные продукты: от компаратора на основе кремниевых технологий с самым высоким быстродействием в отрасли до КМОП-компараторов, потребляющих токи порядка нескольких микроампер.

Current Mirrors

ADI current mirrors are precision, high dynamic range, wide variable supply parts used for applications including optical power monitoring and voltage-to-current conversion.

Линейные изоляторы

В лице линейных изоляторов разработчики источников питания получают однокристальную альтернативу методам гальванической развязки на базе оптопар и шунтирующих стабилизаторов с лучшими характеристиками.

Транзисторные сборки

Analog Devices offers dual and quad transistors with excellent matching characteristics. They are an ideal choice as an input stage for an amplifier or in log/antilog circuits.

Прецизионные модуляторы/демодуляторы

ADI precision modulators and demodulators support synchronous detection, signal recovery, and a range of other applications in industrial, medical, and communications markets.

Преобразователи среднеквадратического значения сигнала

RMS-to-DC converters manufactured by Analog Devices are used in a wide variety of applications where precision and low power measurement of ac signals is the prime objective.

Источники опорного напряжения

Analog Devices offers the widest selection of high performance voltage references in the industry, for both high end, industrial and handheld, battery-powered applications.