In order to provide the fastest response for your technical support needs, please select one of the areas below so we can route you to the appropriate experienced applications engineer:

Technical Support via Email
Standard Linear Technical Support
DSP Technical Support
IOS Technical Support (For 1B/3B/5B/6B and AD2XX Isolation amplifiers)
Technical Support (in Japanese)

Technical and Other Support by Telephone
In the US: 800-262-5643 or 781-937-1426

In Europe:
   Standard Linear Support: +353 61 495969
   DSP Support: +49 89 7690333

In China:
   Standard Linear/DSP Support:
      Telephone: 800-810-1742
      Fax: 800-810-1747

Rest of World: 01 1 781 937 1428

Other Support via Email
Contact ADI

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