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The older I get, the more futuristic the number of the year seems to be—2017 already! Where the heck is my flying car and attentive robotic assistant? Despite some of our most cherished technology predictions turning out to be wrong,...


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Psychotic ADC?

I was initially testing one of your ADCs successfully, and suddenly I started getting some rather bizarre FFT results. What’s going on?



Practical Tips to Make Your Electronics Projects Easier

It doesn’t seem like that long ago (oh, but it was) that I was in my first introductory circuits class. I found circuit theory very interesting ... and tedious ... and frustrating. But when I built my first circuit on a breadboard—I was hooked.

Electronics lab quickly became my favorite class—never mind that I had to spend hours hunched over a spider web of wires, tracing and probing every power and ground connection, every signal node, just to find out there was a defect in my breadboard. I enjoyed troubleshooting circuits so much that I volunteered as a teaching assistant in the electronics lab.  Read more ...