Spring 2014
New Products

Micropower, Dual-Channel Digital Isolators

The ADuM124x can be powered by as little as 1 μW of power, delivering power levels over 1000 times lower than optocouplers and competing digital isolators.

Ultralow power operation
3.75 kV rms
Up to 2 Mbps data rate (NRZ)
Bidirectional communication
Multiple channel configurations available
Default high and default low options available
High temperature operation: 125°C
Quad-channel products also available

The ADuM124x is production released with samples available.

3 kV rms and 5 kV rms Isolated Precision Half Bridge Drivers, 4 A Output for Automotive

These isolation components provide outstanding performance characteristics superior to the alternatives, such as the combination of pulse transformers and gate drivers.

Working voltage high-side or low-side relative
to input: 565 V peak
High frequency operation: 1 MHz maximum
3.3 V to 5 V CMOS input logic
4.5 V to 18 V output driver
No thermal shutdown
High common-mode transient immunity:
> 25 kV/μs
Default low output
High junction temperature operation: 125°C

The ADuM3224 is production released with samples available.
The ADuM4224 is production released with samples available.
CN0326: Isolated, Low Power pH Monitor with Temperature Compensation

This circuit supports a wide variety of pH sensors that have very high internal resistance that can range from 1 MΩ to several GΩ, and digital signal and power isolation provides immunity to noise and transient voltages often encountered in harsh industrial environments.
Read this circuit note and download the design files.
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