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New Products

Industry's First Certified EMC Compliant RS-485 Interface Design Tool
Toughest design challenge for Industrial Communications Ports is meeting EMC requirements. Combining industry leading Analog Devices RS-485 and Bourns external protection expertise, EVAL-CN0313-SDPZ has been developed.
EVAL-CN0313-SDPZ Features/Benefits:
Saves time and budget by allowing :
  • testing of the circuits at the beginning of the design cycle
  • use of schematics and layout as a starting point in your design
Contains 120-pin daughter connector for use with system development tools
To purchase board, download documentation such as circuit notes and technical articles as well as watch a video, click here.

Webcast: Safeguarding RS-485 Communication Networks from Harmful EMC Events. Register now.

Isolated Error Amplifiers
ADuM3190/ADuM4190 Features:
Stable over time and temperature
  • 0.5% initial accuracy
  • 1% accuracy over the full temperature range
Reference voltage 1.225V
Compatible with DOSA
Low power operation: <7mA total
Wide supply voltage range
  • VDD1 - 3V to 20V
  • VDD2 - 3V to 20V
Wide temperature range
  • -40°C to 125°C ambient operation
  • 150°C maximum junction temperature
Isolation voltage
  • ADuM3190: 2.5kV rms
  • ADuM4190: 5kV rms
Learn more about the ADuM3190 and the ADuM4190

Evaluate now.

Featured Video
Watch this video to learn "How I²C Isolators Work"

Check out What Else is New from the Interface and Isolation Teams

Updated! Digital Isolator Product Selection and Resource Guide

Success Story: Beijing Choice chooses ADI iCoupler® digital isolators vs. optocouplers for integrated power and signal isolation within its ultracompact patient monitors
Spring, 2013

Join us at the Applied Power Electronics Conference!

Technical Paper Presentation: Galvanic Isolation for Power Supply Applications.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Get answers to your design questions in the Interface and Isolation support community!

Inside iCoupler® Technology:
Waveform Voltage Conventions for iCoupler Digital Isolators
Digital isolators are characterized by several voltage ratings that determine the capability to endure various stress levels and durations. Working voltage, withstand voltage, and surge voltage are all examples of these ratings. It's important to understand how these voltages are defined, with relation to the isolation barrier, to properly determine the suitability for a particular application.

Learn more here.
Nappkin Note Written expressly for the Interface and Isolation Update - are ideas, hints NAppkin Notes
and tips for building with interface and iCoupler digital isolator technologies. This issue we present:
"Smart Transmitter Signal Chain" Read whole note here.
Featured Circuits from the Lab

Bidirectional Isolated High-Side Current Sense with 270 V Common-Mode Rejection
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