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This 280-page reference guide to Analog Devices IC products is intended to facilitate the choice of the right ADI product, whether general-purpose or application-specific, for new designs. Trees narrow the choice to products having the desired general characteristics, and selection guides provide detailed information to narrow the choice further. The designer can then look at comprehensive data sheets at our World Wide Web site, or call for a data sheet via AnalogFax™ (the book includes Faxcodes), or obtain a data sheet from our Literature Distribution Center or Sales offices. New products are listed in bold type. Main sections of the book are Trees and Guides, New Products, Military/ Aerospace products, and an Appendix listing Ordering guides, Package options, Evaluation boards, Technical publications, Product index, and Worldwide sales directly. FREE.

COMMUNICATIONS DIRECT-Systems solutions for digital communications: Volume 2, No. 3 (March, 1997, 8 pages). Features articles on complete GSM handset solutions; Bringing GSM base-stations a giant leap forward; Meeting new challenges in RF technology; And more... FREE

Signals-Analog Devices information on I/O products: Volume 3, No. 1, (April, 1997, 8 pages). Meeting the challenge of real-time multichannel data acquisition; The European EMC Directive: "Just do it"; We want to be your I/O partner; RTI-2100 software does windows; Field notes; and more. FREE

MILITARY QML PRODUCT CROSS-REFERENCE GUIDE (March, 1997) A 64-page listing of QML standard microcircuit drawing (SMD) products, Joint Army-Navy (JAN) products, and MIL-STD-/883 Class B products. It enables military product designers to find parts in three ways: by function, by generic type number, and by SMD/JAN type. FREE

AD6400 DECT chipset
corDECT wireless local loop system
AD6640/AD6620 multi-channel, multi-mode
receiver chipset
AD6600/AD6620 diversity receiver chipset
IS-54/IS-136 IF baseband chipset
AD6190 900-MHz cordless phone radio IC
AD20msp400-HF handsfree chipset

5B08/5B08-MUX 5B series 8-channel backplanes for ADI's industry-standard 5B series of isolated modular signal conditioners, including a power-on LED indicator.

6B Series Distributed, Analog and Digital I/O Signal Conditioners (20 pages) includes descriptions of four new models with 2500-V rms high-voltage isolation: input modules 6B11HV (thermocouple/mV), 6B12HV (high-level inputs), 6B13HV (RTDs), and 6BP04HV backplane.

RTI-2100 Real-time data-acquisition system Software support-DOS and Windows (12 pages and 6 pages) Includes new RTI-AMUX, RTI-5BMUX and RTI-7BMUX high-speed multiplexer I/O expansion panels for RTI-2100 family data-acquisition boards. Thirty-two 16- channel panels can be tied together to support 512 analog input channels and 4 analog output channels on a single RTI-2100 Series board.