CerDip Image

Ceramic Dual Inline Package, glass seal

The footprints created for each individual package should be used as a reference only. Since these footprints are not part specific you will have to adjust the dimension to best fit your requirements.

パッケージ 外寸 成分情報
14 ld CerDIP (q-14) PDF PDF
16 ld CerDIP (q-16) PDF PDF
18 ld CerDip (q-18) PDF PDF
20 ld CerDIP (q-20) PDF PDF
24 ld CerDIP(300 Mil) (q-24-1) PDF PDF
24 ld CerDIP(600 Mil) (q-24-2) PDF PDF
28 ld CerDIP (q-28-2) PDF PDF
40 ld CerDIP (q-40) PDF PDF
8 ld CerDIP (q-8) PDF PDF
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