5kV rms絶縁型高精度ハーフ・ブリッジ・ドライバ、4A出力

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ADuM3223/ADuM4223は、アナログ・デバイセズのiCoupler®技術を採用して、絶縁され独立したハイサイド出力とローサイド出力を提供する4 Aの絶縁型ハーフ・ブリッジ・ゲート・ドライバです。ADuM3223はナロー・ボディの16ピンSOICパッケージで3000V rmsのアイソレーションを、ADuM4223はワイド・ボディ16ピンSOICパッケージで5000V rmsのアイソレーションを、それぞれ提供します。これらのアイソレーション・デバイスは高速CMOS技術とモノリシック・トランス技術の組み合わせにより、パルス・トランスとゲート・ドライバの組み合わせなどの代替品より優れた性能特性を提供します。 




  • スイッチング電源
  • 絶縁型IGBT/MOSFETゲートの駆動
  • 工業用インバータ
  • 車載向け


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EVAL-ADuM3223-ADuM4223 ブロック図


The EVAL-ADuM3223AEBZ and EVAL-ADuM4223AEBZ support the ADuM3223 and ADuM4223 isolated precision half-bridge drivers, respectively. Because the evaluation boards have footprints for IGBTs and MOSFETs in TO-263 or TO-252 packages, the ADuM3223 and ADuM4223 can be evaluated with many different power devices. The evaluation boards also allow the high-side supply to be bootstrapped to the low-side supply.

The ADuM3223A model represents a superset of the ADuM3223 models because it has the lowest minimum output voltage (4.5 V). The ADuM3223B and ADuM3223C models have minimum out-put voltages of 7.5 V and 11.5 V, respectively. In the same way, the ADuM4223A model represents a superset of the ADuM4223 models.

Complete information about the ADuM3223 and ADuM4223 is available in the ADuM3223/ADuM4223 data sheet, which should be consulted in conjunction with UG-368 when using the evaluation board.





The Isolated Inverter Platform is a rapid development system for hardware and/or software development in three-phase inverter applications, with a particular focus on motor control. Flexible evaluation of ADI isolation technology in a highly configurable system-oriented platform is enabled with multiple test-points, and connectivity options. An easy-plug connector allows controller connection to an ADSP-CM408 processor evaluation board, while additional 0.1” headers enable alternative connectivity to other processor or FPGA platforms. The benefits of ADI isolated sigma-delta converters for voltage and current measurement, isolated gate drivers, and power controllers can be explored in a full system application at dc bus levels up to 800V. There are 2 models available, isolated inverter platform, and isolated inverter platform with full featured IGBT drivers.

Solution Overview
The isolated inverter platform and isolated inverter platform with full featured IGBT drivers offer a power board that runs from a dc input and provides a three-phase variable frequency, variable voltage, and variable dead-time PWM output to a three-phase motor or load. The inverter is provided as an open loop platform, but feedback signals are provided to enable the application developer to close the control loop. For the isolated inverter platform (EV-MCS-ISOINV-Z), two isolated current,phase to phase and dc bus voltage feedback signals are provided to the control side of the board via sigma-delta modulators, and these can be used for development of control algorithms. The inverter is made up of a three-phase six-IGBT bridge, with the IGBTs rated at 1200V and driven by three dual isolated gate drivers (ADuM4223). For the isolated inverter platform with full featured IGBT drivers (EV-MCS-ISOINVEP-Z), three isolated phase current and dc bus voltage feedback signals are provided to the control side of the board via sigma-delta modulators, and these can be used for development of control algorithms. The inverter is made up of a three-phase six-IGBT bridge, with the IGBTs rated at 1200V and driven by six individual isolated gate drivers (ADuM4135) with desaturation protection and Miller clamp. For both platforms, a DC – rather than AC- input is provided to allow flexibility on the dc bus voltage level (rather than it being limited to the ac line peak).

The board is designed to work from a DC supply in the range 24Vdc-800Vdc.. The power board is rated up to 2kVA without forced air cooling. Additional power throughput can be achieved with fan cooling added. A series connected diode implements a half-wave rectifier at the input, so if needed, the power board can be driven from an AC supply. However output power is limited in this case. If a full AC front-end is required, the inverter platform can be utilized in conjunction with the ADP1047 evaluation board up to 300W, or the ADP1048 evaluation board up to 600W. An isolated I2C interface is provided on the inverter board so that the ADP104x evaluation board can be easily controlled by the same processor/FPGA interface. The inverter kit has the hardware and software required to spin a three-phase motor under open loop speed control in conjunction with an ADSP-CM408 EZ Kit. The demo software is provided as an IAR Embedded Workbench C project or an executable file which can be flashed to the ADSP-CM408 processor using the ADI serial boot-loader utility. A .NET-based graphical user interface (GUI) is provided to enable motor start-stop, open loop Volts/Hertz speed control, and data visualization.

Kit Contents

  • Isolated Inverter Board, 24-800Vdc, 2Kva (2 Versions)
  • Adapter board for connection to EZkit
  • USB to serial adapter for using GUI


  • IAR Embedded Workbench C project
  • Executable Demo Application
  • .NET-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)



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ADI has always placed the highest emphasis on delivering products that meet the maximum levels of quality and reliability. We achieve this by incorporating quality and reliability checks in every scope of product and process design, and in the manufacturing process as well.  "Zero defects" for shipped products is always our goal.

ADUM4223 Material Declaration
PCN-PDN Information Quality And Reliability Symbols and Footprints



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価格は1個当たりの米ドルで、米国内における販売価格(FOB)で表示されておりますので、予算のためにのみご使用いただけます。 また、その価格は変更 されることがあります。米国以外のお客様への価格は、輸送費、各国の税金、手数料、為替レートにより決定されます。価格・納期等の詳細情報については、弊社正規販売代理店または担当営業にお問い合わせください。なお、 評価用ボードおよび評価用キットの表示価格は1個構成としての価格です。






評価用ボード 表示されている価格は、1個あたりの価格です。
価格は1個当たりの米ドルで、米国内における販売価格(FOB)で表示されておりますので、予算のためにのみご使用いただけます。 また、その価格は変更されることがあります。米国以外のお客様への価格は、輸送費、各国の税金、手数料、為替レートにより決定されます。価格・納期等の詳細情報については、弊社正規販売代理店または担当営業にお問い合わせください。なお、 評価用ボードおよび評価用キットの表示価格は1個構成としての価格です。