ADP1190:  Integrated 500mA Load Switch with Quad Signal Switch



The ADP1190 is an integrated high-side load switch with 4 signal switches designed for operation from 1.4 V to 3.6 V. This load switch provides power domain isolation for extended power battery life. The load switch is a low on-resistance P-channel MOSFET that supports up to 500 mA of continuous load current and minimizes power loss. Integrated with the load switch are 4 normally open two Ohm SPST signal switches.

Beyond operating performance, the ADP1190 occupies minimal printed circuit board (PCB) space with an area less than 1.92 mm2 and a height of 0.60 mm. The ADP1190 is available in an ultrasmall 1.2 mm × 1.6 mm, 12-ball, 0.4 mm pitch WLCSP.


  • Mobile phones
  • SIM Card Disconnect switch
  • Digital cameras and audio devices
  • Portable and battery-powered equipment


  • Low input voltage range:
    1.4 V to 3.6 V
  • Power Switch: Low RDSON of 160 mΩ at 1.8 V, with Active Discharge
  • SPST NO Signal Switches (4) : RDSON of 2 Ω at 1.8 V with active pull down on one side
  • 500 mA continuous operating current
  • Built-in level shift for control logic that can be operated by 1.2V logic
  • Ultralow shutdown current:
    < 0.7 μA
  • Ultrasmall 1.2 mm × 1.6mm × 0.6mm, 12-ball, 0.4 mm pitch WLCSP

Functional Block Diagram for ADP1190

評価用キット / シンボル & フットプリント





価格は1個当たりの米ドルで、米国内における販売価格(FOB)で表示されておりますので、予算のためにのみご使用いただけます。 また、その価格は変更されることがあります。米国以外のお客様への価格は、輸送費、各国の税金、手数料、為替レートにより決定されます。価格・納期等の詳細情報については、弊社正規販売代理店または担当営業にお問い合わせください。なお、 評価用ボードおよび評価用キットの表示価格は1個構成としての価格です。

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