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A System Solution For Terminal DTU/FTU Combined Primary And Secondary Distribution

In the end of 2016, The State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) proposed an overall principle: "the automated terminal DTUs/FTUs of the distribution network must take into account the requirements of combining primary and secondary distribution, and must consider replacing traditional electromagnetic transformers with electronic transformers." ADI released a set of chip-scale signal links to satisfy these new applications.

ADI offers:
  • A signal processing solution in compliance with the new requirements of the state grid
  • A design which is high reliability and EMC compliant
  • A design compatible with considerations of the short-term and long-term DTU/FTU variations

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Anveshan Results
Anveshan Results

When Analog Devices and Linear technology combine
Analog Devices and Linear Technology have joined together to create an unparalleled innovation engine and strategic partner for our customers.



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