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Medium-Precision DACs, 12-to-13-Bits, Single Output Channel
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Results: 29
日本語データシートProduct DescriptionResolution# of DACsDAC settling timeDAC TypeDAC Input Data FormatSupply VnomPrice* (1000 pcs.)
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AD7392 Micropower, Single +2.7V to +5.5V, Parallel-Input, Rail-Rail Voltage Out 12-Bit DAC 12160µsVoltage OutParSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5) $5.12
AD7390 Single +2.7V to +5.5V, Micropower, Serial-SPI In, Rail-Rail Voltage Out 12-Bit DAC12160µsVoltage OutSer; SPISingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5) $4.82
AD5412 Single Channel, 12-Bit, Serial Input, Current Source & Voltage Output DAC12132µsCurrent-Source DAC; Voltage OutSer; SPIMulti(+12An, +3 to+5Dig); Multi(+15, +5Dig); Multi(±12An, +3 to+5Dig); Multi(±15, +3.3Dig) ; Multi(±15, +3Dig); Multi(±15, +5Dig) $4.38
AD5530 Serial Input, Voltage Output 12-Bit DAC, CLR to User Defined Voltage12120µsVoltage OutSer; SPIDual(+12, -12); Dual(+15, -15) $4.30
DAC8562 5 Volt, Parallel Input, Complete 12-Bit Voltage Out DAC12116µsVoltage OutParSingle(+5) $9.91
DAC8512 5V, Serial Input, Complete 12-Bit DAC12116µsVoltage OutSerSingle(+5) $4.73
AD5626 5 V, 12-Bit Voltage Out nanoDAC™, SPI Interface, MSOP & LFCSP Pkgs12116µsVoltage OutSer; SPISingle(+5) $1.61
AD8300 3V/5V Serial Input, Complete 12-Bit DAC12114µsVoltage OutSerSingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5) $5.81
AD5341 2.5 V to 5.5 V, 115 µA, Byte Interface, Rail-Rail Vout 12-Bit DAC, TSSOP-20 1218µsVoltage OutByteSingle(+2.7); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5) $3.04
AD5340 2.5 V to 5.5 V, 115 µA, Parallel Interface, Rail-Rail Vout, 12-Bit DAC, TSSOP-241218µsVoltage OutParSingle(+2.7); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5) $3.29
AD5321 2.5 V to 5.5 V, Low Power, Serial 2-Wire, Rail-Rail Voltage Output, 12-Bit DAC1218µsVoltage OutI2C/Ser 2-wire; SerSingle(+2.5); Single(+2.7); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5) $2.99
+2.7 V to +5.5 V, Low Power, Rail-to-Rail Vout, 12-Bit DAC in a SOT-231218µsVoltage OutSer; SPISingle(+2.7); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5) $2.53
3 V/5 V, 12-Bit nanoDAC™, Serial-In, Voltage-Out D/A Converter1218µsVoltage OutSer; SPISingle(+2.7 to +5.5); Single(+2.7); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5) $1.82
AD7248A 12-Bit DACPORT® w/ Double-Buffered Byte Input1217µsVoltage OutByteDual(+12, -12); Dual(+15, -15); Single(+12); Single(+15) $8.22
AD7245A 12-Bit DACPORT ® w/ Double-Buffered Parallel Input1217µsVoltage OutParDual(+12, -12); Dual(+15, -15); Single(+12); Single(+15) $8.32
2.7 V to 5.5 V, <100 uA, 12-Bit nanoDAC (TM) D/A w/ I2C Compatible Interface1216µsVoltage OutI2C/Ser 2-wire; SerSingle(+2.7); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5) $1.29
2.7V to 5.5V, <100µA, 12-Bit nanoDAC™ D/A Converter w/ SPI Interface1216µsVoltage OutSer; SPISingle(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5) $0.89
AD7845 12-Bit, Latched, Parallel Input, Voltage-Out, CMOS Multiplying DAC w/ On-Chip Application Resistors1215µsVoltage OutParDual(+15, -15) $6.38
AD667 Microprocessor-Compatible 12-Bit D/A Converter Data Sheet1212µsVoltage OutByte; Nibble; ParDual(+12, -12); Dual(+15, -15) $11.44
AD7948 +3.3V/+5V, Byte Input, 12-Bit CMOS Multiplying DAC 121600nsCurrent OutByteSingle(+3.3); Single(+5) $4.00
AD7945 +3.3V/+5V, Parallel Input, 12-Bit CMOS Multiplying DAC121600nsCurrent OutParSingle(+3.3); Single(+5) $4.00
AD7943 +3.3V/+5V, Serial Input, 12-Bit CMOS Multiplying DAC121600nsCurrent OutSerSingle(+3.3); Single(+5) $4.00
12-Bit Serial Input, Current Output, Multiplying DAC121500nsCurrent Out; I or V Out; Unbuffered VoutSer; SPISingle(+2.7); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5) $2.50
DAC8143 12-Bit Current-Out, Daisy-Chained DAC 121380nsCurrent OutSer; SPISingle(+5) $6.18
DAC8043A 12-Bit, Serial Input, CMOS Multiplying DAC121250nsCurrent OutSerSingle(+5) $4.29
DAC8043 12-Bit Serial Input Multiplying CMOS D/A Converter 121250nsCurrent OutSer; SPISingle(+5) $8.00
12-Bit, Serial Input, High Bandwidth Multiplying DAC121100nsCurrent Out; I or V Out; Unbuffered VoutSer; SPISingle(+2.5); Single(+2.7); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5) $2.53
Serial Input, 12-Bit, High BW Multiplying DAC121100nsCurrent Out; I or V Out; Unbuffered VoutSer; SPISingle(+2.5); Single(+2.7); Single(+3); Single(+3.3); Single(+5) $2.63
Serial Input, 12-Bit Multiplying DAC w/ 10 MHz Multiplying BW12190nsCurrent Out; I or V Out; Unbuffered VoutSer; SPISingle(+3.3); Single(+5) $2.53
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