Analog Devices Technology Webcasts for Healthcare Device Design

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Healthcare Webcast Series

Bill CroneBill Crone
Biomedical Systems Engineer Healthcare Group
Simplifying PoC Patient Monitor Design with Integrated ECG AFE
Learn about an ECG Analog Front End (AFE) which integrates traditional ECG measurement functions as well as respiration measurement and pace pulse detection on a single chip. Discussions will include overviews of the ECG system, ECG measurement, common mode rejection, respiration monitoring, and pace pulse detection.
Bill CroneBob Scannell
Business Development Manager
MEMS Inertial Sensors Product Group
MEMS Inertial Sensors in Healthcare Designs
Learn about the underlying architectures and technology behind MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes, and inertial measurement units (IMUs). Explore how this technology is enabling next generation pedometers, eldercare activity monitors and surgical instrumentation devices.
Bill CroneGina Kelso
Systems Applications Engineer
Healthcare Group
Optimizing Ultrasound Systems using Integrated Receivers
Learn TGC noise analysis techniques that can determine receiver noise contributions in near and far field B mode imaging. Understand key IC performance specs that determine PW Doppler mode sensitivity. CW Doppler signal path noise analysis and suggested filtering techniques will be presented.


Bill CroneTom O'Dwyer
Director of Technology
Healthcare Group
Fundamentals of ADC Technologies for Healthcare Designs
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of different ADC architectures (SAR, Sigma Delta, Pipeline) as they relate to healthcare designs such as ECG, diagnostics, and ultrasound. Guidance on clocking, grounding, and shielding and how to get the best performance from the ADC will be covered.
Bill CroneWayne Palmer
Systems Applications Engineer
Healthcare Group
Photocurrent Measurements in Non-Imaging Applications
Examine analog design challenges and root causes associated with measuring a small photo detector current. Pulse oximetry and consumer assays will be used as working examples.
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