Analog Devices Reference Circuits enable you to do more when designing your systems. No matter where you are in your design process, it is easier than ever to get started with ADI solutions and perform critical tasks like the following:

  • Evaluate many of our reference circuits using our portfolio of reusable System Demonstration Platform (SDP) controller boards and evaluation software.
  • Rapid system prototyping with your preferred development environment(FPGA, MCU, etc.), by connecting our interposer boards to reference circuit hardware.

For Evaluation &

Learn more about ADI SDP solutions
Evaluate using SDP-B Evaluate using SDP-B

Evaluate the reference circuit using the SDP-B
control board and evaluation software

Evaluate using SDP-S Evaluate using SDP-S

Evaluate the reference circuit using the SDP-S
control board and evaluation software

Example Reference Circuit Hardware

Example Reference

Reference circuits can be used for Evaluation and Rapid Prototyping

For Development &
Rapid Prototyping

Learn more about ADI FPGA solutions
Connect to Altera Connect to Altera

Connect reference circuits to Altera FPGAs using
the BeMicro SDK/SDP interposer board

Connect to Xilinx Connect to Xilinx

Connect reference circuits to Xilinx FPGAs using
the SDP-I-FMC interposer board

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