Healthcare ICs Solutions Bulletin, Volume 11, Issue 2

Solutions Bulletin: Healthcare ICs, Volume 11, Issue 2

Thank you for reading the Healthcare ICs Solutions Bulletin. Below, you will find online resources supporting all stages of the signal chain design process.

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Component Evaluation
and Selection

To download data sheets and order samples and evaluation boards for devices featured in this Solutions Bulletin, click on the links below to go directly to the product page. For additional healthcare solutions including recommended products, design tools, and educational materials, visit ADI's Healthcare Website

AD9467: Industry's fastest 16-bit ADC @ 250 MSPS ADC

ADAS1000: 5-Electrode ECG Analog Front End (AFE)

AD9278: Octal LNA/VGA/AAF/ADC (12-bits up to 50 MSPS) and CW I/Q Demodulator

AD9279: Octal LNA/VGA/AAF/ADC (12 bits up to 80 MSPS) and CW I/Q Demodulator

AD5791: 1 ppm 20-Bit, ±1 LSB INL, Voltage Output DAC

ADuCRF101: Precision Analog Microcontroller ARM Cortex M3 with ISM Band Transceiver

ADAS1128: 128 Channel, 24-Bit Current to Digital ADC

ADIS16334: Low Profile Six Degrees of Freedom Inertial Sensor

ADP160: Ultra Low Quiescent Current 150 mA, CMOS Linear Regulator

ADP190: Logic Controlled, High-Side Power Switch

ADP2140: 3 MHz, 600 mA, Low Quiescent Current Buck with 300 mA LDO Regulator

ADM6305: Multiple Input Programmable Supervisory ICs

ADM6306Multiple Input Programmable Supervisory ICs

AD8226: Wide Supply Range, Rail-to-Rail Output Instrumentation Amplifier

AD7888: 2.7 V to 5.25 V, Micropower, 8-Channel, 125 kSPS, 12-Bit ADC in 16-Pin TSSOP

AD7877: Touch Screen Controller

AD7879: Low Voltage Controller for Touch Screens

AD7147: CapTouch® Programmable Controller for Single-Electrode Capacitance Sensors

ADM1168: Super Sequencer and Monitor with Non-Volatile Fault Recording

ADM1169: Super Sequencer and Monitor with Margining Control and Non-Volatile Fault Recording

ADuM2400: Quad-Channel Digital Isolator

ADuM4160: Full/Low Speed USB Digital Isolator

ADUM2250: Hot-Swappable Dual I2C® Isolators, 5 kV ADuM640x

AD7798: 3-Channel, Low Noise, Low Power, 16-Bit, Sigma Delta ADC with On-Chip In-Amp

AD7794: 6-Channel, Low Noise, Low Power, 24-Bit Sigma Delta ADC with On-Chip In-Amp and Reference

AD8235: 40 µA Micropower Instrumentation Amplifier in WLCSP Package

AD8236: 40 µA Micropower Instrumentation Amplifier in MSOP

AD8619: Low Cost Micropower, Low Noise CMOS R-R In/Out Op Amp

Defining Your Signal
Chain Architecture

Analog Devices' Solutions Bulletin Series
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Circuit design and component application support

Circuits from the Lab
ADI engineers have documented popular circuit combinations they have built and test in the lab. Benefit from their work to shorten your design time.

CN0159: Universal Serial Bus (USB) Cable Isolator Circuit Based on ADUM4160 Full/Low Speed USB Digital Isolator

Design and Simulation Tools Library
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Technical Documentation
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AN-1072: How to Successfully Apply Low Dropout Regulators View this application.

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ADAS1000 5-Electrode ECG AFE

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